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M A R G A R E T   B A B B I T T   S T U D I O
Margaret's serigraphic style owes much to watercolor values, exhibiting a subtlety and transparency
unusual in this medium. She works with water-base inks, blending them with transparent base to
control opacity and create depth. Printed on fine watercolor papers, a typical serigraph incorporates
as many as forty or more independently applied colors, some with multiple printings for textural
density and visual delicacy. Working entirely with hand-cut stencils, Margaret creates all prints in
her own studio to maintain absolute artistic and technical control over the final work.

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Four O'Clock Patterns, serigraph, 16 x 24
Shadow Play, serigraph, 16 x 24
Victorian Design, serigraph, 23 x 15
Morning Light, serigraph, 16 x 23
Tea and Summer Colors, serigraph, 12 x 16
Harbor Shops, serigraph, 15 x 24
Green Rockers, serigraph, 15 x 24
The General Store, serigraph, 16 x 24
Island Classics, serigraph, 23 x 15